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Customer Journeys

Merchant QR Code

Arthur is planning a holiday from Shanghai. On WeChat Arthur sees his friends are travelling around Australia, and have visited Chadstone.
He clicks onto the Official Chadstone Shopping Centre profile to see retailers (including those that offer WeChat Pay) with exclusive special offers.
Through his travel agency, he books his ticket to Australia and catches a cab to the airport paying with China’s preferred method of payment: WeChat Pay.

In Melbourne he checks into his hotel at Hilton South Wharf. Arthur takes a taxi to Chadstone where he visits the Nike shop to purchase a pair of runners and a tracksuit – seen on WeChat.

Noticing the WeChat Pay QR Code at the counter Arthur asks to pay via QR code.

The merchant rings up the amount on their normal POS and prints a receipt. Arthur then scans the merchant QR code using his WeChat app QR code scanner. He enters the amount required on his own device and clicks “Pay” – the amount is sent instantly to Nike and a confirmation is displayed on David’s screen.

Arthur posts his purchase to his WeChat social feed which shares to the Official Chadstone account. His Melbourne friend’s see this and also visit the store.

Arthur completes his shopping visit and returns to his hotel where he checks out and pays with WeChat Pay.

Back in Shanghai a week later, Arthur wants to purchase an additional exclusive item from the Chadstone Nike Shop. He locates the item in Nike’s Chadstone WeChat shop and pays using his WeChat Wallet.

The item gets sent from Melbourne to Shanghai using Australia Post in about a week. David’s friend’s see them and all want a pair too. They go to his WeChat Nike post and click purchase using their WeChat wallets. 5 more pairs are on their way to David’s friend’s in Shanghai.

The wonderful world of WeChat Pay!


Arthur is planning another holiday from Shanghai. He visits Melbourne and Chadstone Shopping Centre again. On the Official Chadstone Shopping Centre profile he sees exciting new offers including his favorite Nike gear.

David takes a taxi to Chadstone and visits Nike. He find’s the exclusive one-off shoes he’s been searching for. At the counter he notices the WeChat Pay sticker and this time they have the Paylinx POS device available.

The Nike staff ring up the sale on their normal POS and print a receipt. They then enter this amount to pay on the WeChat Pay POS and hit the green “WeChat” button. This generates a unique QR code. David scans this QR code using the QR scanner in his WeChat app on his own device
David sees the amount to pay on his own device and hits “pay”.

The payment is instant and a confirmation is displayed both on the POS and David’s device.

Arthur and the merchant both receive an electronic receipt with related product information (the transaction happens in RMB) and David’s WeChat account then automatically follows the brand account.

The staff offer Arthur a paper receipt too – they press “print” on the WeChat POS and this spits out two copies. Arthur shares his purchase on his social feed and pushes this to the Official Chadstone account. He completes his shopping visit and returns to Shanghai a week later where he and his friend’s purchase additional items from the Chadstone Nike Shop – paying with his WeChat Pay account.

The items gets sent from Melbourne to Shanghai in about a week. Arthur and his friend’s are all happy runners.


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