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The combination of targeted reach, relevance, context, and engagement gives advertisers enhanced opportunities to generate awareness and affiliation, while also creating new ways to generate near-term demand for their products from consumers very likely to have purchase intent.

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Mobile Customer Care

The WeChat official account admin platform provides companies with a Message API to manage incoming messages and reply logic.
Louis Vuitton is using this feature to provide customer assistance. They have set up a welcome message, as well as automated responses based on keywords in order to anticipate customer’s needs and questions.
Here is the translation of Louis Vuitton’s welcome message:

“Hello! Thanks for following Louis Vuitton official channel. We are here daily, 10:00 to 19:30, to answer your questions, explore Louis Vuitton and embark on a wonderful journey!”

Manage incoming messages and reply logic to provide automated customer assistance!

WeChat brand account

Recently used it’s WeChat Official Account to gather opinions from Chinese followers about the true meaning of love, as part of its international Valentine’s Day campaign.

The campaign encouraged followers to interpret a phrase made famous by a 1960’s comic strip, “Love Is.” Not only did the campaign encourage user interaction with the brand, but it also showcased Tiffany’s commitment to helping people find love in their lives. The account also contains a handy tool for finding the perfect engagement ring, as well as a store locator. Tiffany’s Official Account brings the luxury and wonder of that Tiffany blue box to a wide user audience on WeChat.

In addition, Tiffany developed a campaign for Qixi Festival, the Chinese Valentine’s Day. The followers had to share pictures showing a “proof of love” for a chance to win gifts.

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Brings Your Brand to Life on Chinese Mobile Screens

Leather brand Mulberry is promoting its British credentials with its WeChat “virtual store” featuring a shoppable 360-degree image of its Bond Street flagship location in London.

The campaign combines WeChat’s capabilities for e-commerce and in-app interactive experiences. It allows virtual visitors to navigate around the image of the store using their phone’s motion sensor.

Clicking on individual items will bring up a short description, and users can click to order from Mulberry or inquire about product availability. Shaking their phones allows them to release an animated cascade of gifts on the screen with wrapping paper featuring the British flag.
Mulberry started its WeChat account in July as part of an effort to boost its Chinese social media presence.

“At Mulberry we see significant value in using WeChat to deliver a true luxury experience to our Chinese customers,” says Mulberry Brand Director Anne-Marie Verdin. “We’re delighted to be able to bring the magic of our Bond Street flagship store to our WeChat fan base through this engaging platform.”

Create engaging platforms with WeChat in-app interactive features. View stores in 360-degrees while browsing the perfect gift online!

Your Brands Mini Website

WeChat offers brands a complete brand experience with the possibility to develop a full mini-website. The mini-website is divided in menus.
Chanel has built a WeChat mini-website to better manage the interaction with its followers. It has many features including the latest news, the history of the brand, new products, make-up tips and more.

In May of 2016, Chanel held its “Paris in Rome” fashion show in Beijing. At most fashion shows, guests receive physical tickets that must then be checked upon entry to the event. However, this is often inefficient and leads to long lines and wait times at these shows. This is where Chanel saw an opportunity to set itself apart. Partnering with WeChat, Chanel implemented electronic, QR-code based ticketing for its “Paris in Rome” show. This eliminated the long lines and created a streamlined and elegant entry process for Chanel’s guests.

In addition, Chanel used a WeChat official account to deliver useful push notifications and reminders to its guests. The combination of these two technologies created a modern and sophisticated fashion show experience for Chanel.

Better manage interactions with a mini-website on WeChat!!

Create your brands own retail outlet

Brands that have a verified WeChat service account can use the platform to showcase their products to consumers though an in-app shop. Store owners can upload products, manage orders, and take care of customer relationships.

H&M created an online “little shop” for customers to shop easily without leaving WeChat. When users are accessing the in-app shop, they can use the app as a billing system to checkout through a “one-click-payment”. This function enhances the user experience and increases sales conversion rates.

Showcase your products through an in-app shop. Customer can checkout through a “one-click-payment”

GPS-Enabled store locator

With its brand account, Zara created a micro-site under the navigation bar to serve all of its content to the user, including a store locator page.
The locator feature is only available when the user has accepted to share its location.

Besides, WeChat LBS (Location-based service) is one of the most practical functions for retailers. It also allows stores to push messages such as latest promotions to followers close to a store.

With a brand accounts, create a micro-site under the navigation bar to serve all of your content to the user, including a store locator page.